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JEO 340E - Geomorphology

Course Objectives

The purpose of the course is to teach interaction between geomorphic and geologic processes, and landforms associated with this interaction and their evolution.
Within this framework, the students will learn
? Mechanism weathering, erosion, transportation and deposition
? Effect of climate on geomorphological processes
? Effect of lithology on geomorphological processes
? Effect of tectonism on gemorphological processes
? Effect of volcanism on gemorphological processes
? Mapping of landforms
? Dating of landforms

Course Description

Weathering, erosion, transportation and depositional processes controlled by agents like rivers, waves, currents, glaciers and wind that shaped the earth; interactions between these external processes and agents with tectonism and volcanism; micro and macro landforms associated with this interaction and formation, development and evolution of landscapes; geomorphic mapping and dating.

Course Coordinator
Cengiz Yıldırım
Course Language
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