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JEF 311E - Seismology

Course Objectives

1. Understanding basic theory of seismology: theory of elasticity and wave propagation.
2. Insight into the Earth’s interior structure inferred from seismology.
3. Understanding how earthquake parameters are calculated.
4. Developing skills for acquisition, processing and interpretation of seismological data.

Course Description

This introductory course on seismology provides the students with the fundamental theory of seismic waves and focuses on how seismological observations are used for the purpose of understanding the internal structure of the Earth. Topics covered are: theory of elasticity, wave equations, body and surface waves, seismology and structure of the earth, seismic waves in spherical earth, determination of earthquake properties, faults and faulting mechanism, seismicity.

Course Coordinator
Emine Aysun Güney
Course Language
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