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MAD 408 - Health and Safety in Mines

Course Objectives

To emphasize the importance, the occupational health and safety activities in mining and the compulsion of technical staff in this area. Occupational health and safety issues of the state, the employer's employees, and trade unions to explain their functions. The causes of work accidents and occupational diseases, the results, and measures to be taken to inform issues. Ergonomics in business and to emphasize the importance of ergonomic work arrangements. To introduce the main issues concerning technical supervision, rescue, and technical expertise.

Course Description

Introduction and history. The basic concepts related to this subject. Worker’s health and safety from the point of view of the law. The effects of the workplace on workers (chemical, physical, biological, and psychological factors). The health and safety problems and their solution techniques in mining. Ergonomic applications in mining. Occupational diseases: definition, classification, causes, treatment, and protection. Occupational accidents: definition, causes, and prevention methods. Rescue and personal protective. Technical inspection. Expertise in claims about occupational diseases and accidents.

Course Coordinator
Abdullah Fişne
Course Language
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