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CHZ 458E - Remdtn of Indus.&Minerl Wastes

Course Objectives

The importance of plant wastes in terms of environmental pollution. Effects of plant wastes on biological life. Reclamation of flotation reagents and solvent-based chemicals. Suspended solids and metal ion contamination in plant waste. Pollutions produced by flue gases and dusts. Developed methods to reduce environmental pollution in coal and ore preparation plants. Examples of zero waste technologies: coal, fly ash, sulfide minerals, phosphate, boron minerals, Rare earth metals, hydrometallurgical plants. Definition and properties of waste storage systems.

Course Description

Significance of plant wastes to environmental pollution. Effect of plant wastes on biological life. Remediation of flotation reagents and oil-based chemicals. Effect of suspended solids and metals as contaminants from plant wastes. Waste generated out of stack gases and dusts. Techniques developed to reduce environmental pollution in coal and mineral processing, metallurgical plant. Examples on waste free technologies: coal, fly-ash, sulfide minerals, phosphate, boron, rare earth minerals, hydrometalluırgical plants. Description and properties of waste disposal systems.

Course Coordinator
Fırat Burat
Fırat Burat
Course Language
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