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JEO 444E - Marine Geology

Course Objectives

The aims of the course are:
-To explain the historical, environmental, social and economic implications of marine geological investigations.
-To give a broad outline of the origin, structure and evolution of ocean basins and their margins
-To equip students with an understanding of the principal marine geological processes, and their signature in seafloor data

Course Description

List of topics:
-History of marine geology
-Seafloor exploration techniques
-Ocean margins and basins
-Tectonic and sedimentary processes
-Principal geological features, processes, and geohazards)
-Near shore (submerged landscapes, continental shelf dynamics, sea level changes)
-Continental slope (submarine canyons, submarine landslides, turbiditic processes).
-Continental rise and abyssal plain (submarine channels and fans, hydrothermal vents, seamounts and submarine volcanoes)
-Applied marine geology

Course Coordinator
Gülsen Uçarkuş
Course Language
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