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MAD 342E - Hydraulic Power Systems in Mining

Course Objectives

1. To provide basic principles of fluid mechanics and their application in mining engineering
2. To provide the importance of fluid power for mining and tunneling machines
3. To provide industrial hydraulics power systems design, circuits and to ability of solving problems

Course Description

What is hydraulics, advantages and disadvantages. Fundamentals of fluid flow, (Pascal, Bernoulli equation, Reynolds number, Darcy equation, Hagen-Poiseuil equation, viscosity, flow types). Properties of hydraulic fluid. Valves, cylinders, sealings, accumulators, pipes and couplings. Hydraulic pumps and motors. Hydraulic circuits. Typical examples of hydraulics circuits to mining and tunneling machineries. Hydraulic transport of the minerals. New technologies and developments.

Course Coordinator
Deniz Tumaç
Course Language
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