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CHZ 232 - Processes Prior to Concentration

Course Objectives

Within the scope of ore preparation, which constitutes an important branch of mining; Size reduction and classification according to size, both before and between enrichment stages, are very important parameters that directly affect the efficiency of the processes to be applied. Requirements such as that the methods to be applied are energy-intensive processes, adequate liberalization in the separation of precious and non-precious minerals from each other under the most economical conditions, and obtaining final metal gains with optimal yields reveal the importance of the subjects given in this course. The aim of lesson; crushing ores to various sizes, classification according to size and the introduction of machinery and equipment used in these processes, types, examination of crushing, grinding, screening and classification circuits, calculations of various selection criteria for energy, capacity, and machinery equipment in size reduction processes, behavior and classification of grains in fluid media. The aim is to give the concept, machinery, equipment and calculations.

Course Description

Introduction to ore preparation, definitions, definition of size reduction, purposes, classification, size reduction ratio and energy consumption calculations; crushing, definition, classification of crushers, jaw (single and double toggled), cone (short and long head, symons), roller, hammer crushers and their properties, creation of crushing circuits (open, closed) and calculations, grinding, classification of mills, autogenous , semi-autogenous, rod, pebble, ball mills and their properties, calculations of mill parameters, grinding circuit arrangements and calculations, new developments in size reduction and classification units, industrial examples, sieving, definition, classification, laboratory type sieving, size distribution chart calculations and drawing size distribution curves, Gaudin-Schumann function and its use, industrial sieving, definition, sieve types and working principles and calculations, classification definition, movement of particles in fluid medium and separation principles according to size, mechanical classifiers, hydraulic classifiers, types, working conditions, pulp calculations, semester seminars

Course Coordinator
Murat Olgaç Kangal
Murat Olgaç Kangal
Course Language
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