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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Optik Mineraloji
English Optical Mineralogy
Course Code
JEO 242E Credit Lecture
Semester 3
2 1 - 2
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Mehmet Keskin
Course Objectives Main objective of this course is to describe and recognize rock-forming transparent minerals on thin sections using a polarized microscope.
Course Description Light entering a transparent crystal may be absorbed, refracted, or reflected.
Optical mineralogy involves description and classification of transparent minerals by studying their optical properties using a special microscope called polarized or petrographic microscope.
Today, most optical mineralogy involves examining the minerals on thin sections with a petrographic microscope.
Course Outcomes 1. Understanding of basics of the optical mineralogy.
2. A thorough understanding of the behavior of light in various transparent environments (i.e. crystals of the minerals).
3. Students completing this course are expected to be able to accurately determine the optical properties of different rock-forming minerals with a microscope and to classify these minerals.
Pre-requisite(s) JEO 211 MIN DD
or JEO 211E MIN DD
Required Facilities Polarized microscopes, the necessary printed material distributed during the lab hours.
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