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JEO 204E - Petrog. of Magmatic Rocks

Course Objectives

1. To understand origin and evaluation of the different kind of magmatic rocks and their physical, chemical and petrographical features.
2. To identificaty and classify different kind of magmatic rocks by using their mineralogical and petrographical properties.
3. To do simple tests and practice on the hand samples as well as with thin sections under the polarized microscope investigations to identify the different rocks.

Course Description

Magma, physical and chemical conditions of the magma, crystallization of magma, emplacement of magma, classification of the magmatic rocks, petrographic features of the different rock suites; an introduction to volcanology, volcano types, explosion types, mode of occurrence of the pyroclastic rocks, classification of the pyroclastic rocks.

Course Coordinator
Şafak Altunkaynak
Course Language
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