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JEF 321 - Electric Prospecting

Course Objectives

1) To provide the determination of electrical properties of the rocks,
2) To provide the use of the electrical methods to distinguish geological units and structures,
3) To give an ability to image and interpretation of the results obtained by electrical prospecting methods.

Course Description

Electrical properties of the geological rocks; Dar-Zarrouk parameters. Origin and mechanism of the self-potential in the ground. Measurement techniques and field arrays. Data corrections, theoretical anomalies of simple shaped models. Interpretation methods. Resistivity methods: electrode arrays, apparent resistivity concept. Equations for the theoretical apparent resistivity of multi-layered earth model, Vertical electrical sounding and interpretation by curve matching, electrical profiling and mapping. Induced polarization method: Origin, measurement techniques, data process and interpretation, removing undesired noises and masking effects from data.

Course Coordinator
Doğa Doğan
Course Language
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