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PET 346E - Safety and Environmental Protection

Course Objectives

Introducing the planning and management techniques toward the investigation, assessment, and prevention of occupational accidents and near misses in petroleum and geothermal industries. Introducing the necessary precautions to lessen or remove the adverse impact of effects and hazardous wastes, generated in petroleum and geothermal industry operations, on environment. Emphasizing the importance of methods, rules, standards, and collective awareness to protect human health and environment in daily life and petroleum and geothermal operations

Course Description

Safe and defensive vehicle driving rules and techniques in urban and petroleum and geothermal fields. Planning and management for safety, health and environmental protection in petroleum and geothermal laboratories and fields. Environmental impacts of drilling and production operations in petroleum and geothermal wells. Transport and remediation of land and and water environment contaminated with petroleum and its derivatives.

Course Coordinator
İbrahim Metin Mıhçakan
Course Language
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