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JEF 331 - Electromagnetic Prospecting

Course Objectives

1. Knowledge in basic and engineering science through mathematics, physics, chemistry, differential equations, statics and dynamics, probability and statistics, signal processing as well as social sciences and humanities.

2. Proficiency in geophysical and geological sciences topics that emphasize on understanding of the solid earth and related physical processes.

3. Ability to use modern geophysical instruments and computer facilities to collect, process and interpret geophysical data for the solution of geophysical problems by combining information from the relevant multi-disciplines.

4. Knowledge on the exploration for natural resources and industrial raw materials in land and marine environment.

5. Ability to apply the principles of geophysics to the solutions of the engineering problems of rock and soil mechanics, geodesy, natural hazards (earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding, land slides), hydrogeology, environment and archeology to the estimation of the physical properties of the shallow and deep earth crust.

Course Description

Electromagnetic methods in geophysical engineering, electromagnetic fields, classification of methods, frequency and time domain methods, natural and controlled source methods, theoretical basis, measurement techniques, data interpretation, case histories.

Course Coordinator
Gülçin Özürlan Ağaçgözgü
Course Language
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