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MAD 415E - Cement Technology

Course Objectives

1.To teach the cement raw materials, production, preparation principles and used technologies
2.Lecturing the clinkering process (pre heating, burning and cooling process)
3.Lecturing the cement grinding systems
4. Lecturing the cement types and standards, tests, concrete and ready-mixed concrete, providing the new research and developments.

Course Description

History of cement industry and developments, Cement raw materials and raw material production, Raw material size reduction and preparation processes, Principles of pre-homogenization and homogenisation, Clinkering process (pre-heating, calcination, burning and cooling procesess), Energy sources used burning process, Cement grinding systems, Packaging and dispaching, Cement types and standards, Concrete& Ready-mix concrete, Cement production and environment, New research and developments.

Course Coordinator
Hasan Ergin
Hasan Ergin
Course Language
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