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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Mad Yatırımlarının Eko Değ
English Economical Evaluation of Mining Investments
Course Code
MAD 436 Credit Lecture
Semester 8
2 2 - -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Cüneyt Atilla Öztürk
Course Objectives 1 - To provide the concepts of basic mining economic
2 - To provide types of mining investment and analyses of their economic evaluation
3 - To determine mine investment risks and futures
Course Description Basic Concepts of Economy, Revenue and cost concept, Cost estimation, Depreciation and amortization and their applications The time value of money and interest rates, Economic evaluation methods (Present, future and annual worth, internal rate of return, Hoskolt methods etc.), Types of investment proposal and properties of mining investment, Risk assessment in mining, Inflation effects on mining investment.
Course Outcomes 1 - Understand the basic economic concepts and revenue and cost concept
2 - Do cost estimation
3 - Estimate time value of money by using interest rates
4 - Use of investment evaluation methods
5 - Separate types of investments and know the parts of a mining investment
6 - Analyses of risk mining investments and futures
Required Facilities
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