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MAD 371E - Haulage and Drainage in Mines

Course Objectives

1.To provide and underline the importance of underground mine transport.
2.To give an ability to organize economical mineral transport
3.To provide knowledge of transport systems and related elements.
4. To project underground mineral transport system.
5. To project pumping systems to pump the mine water.

Course Description

Mineral transport through chutes, and inclined galleries. Spiral conveyors. Chain conveyors, structure, calculation. Rope haulage, monorail scrapers. LHD. Rail haulage: cars, railway mine cars and locomotives, calculation. Belt conveyers: structure, pulling forces, tension forces, and power calculation. Transport organisation. Mine Water, various type of pumpes. Application and calculation. Pumping systems. Air lift. Hydraulic transport. Example of worldwide application. Pressure and power calculation

Course Coordinator
Nuh Bilgin
Course Language
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