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MAD 323E - Tech.Draw.Appl.in Mining Eng.

Course Objectives

1. 3D Visualization and technical drawing in underground mines.
2. 3D Visualization and technical drawing in open pit mines.
3. 3D Visualization and technical drawing in tunnels.
4. Useful tool for occupational technical drawing and 3D visualisation.

Course Description

2D and 3D mining gallery, tunnel, face, shaft, main gallery intersection, technical drawing and design, design and support works, reinforcement practice in mines and tunnels (Drawing of wooden, steel, powered, concrete, stowing supports), shaft and gallery supports (polygon, trapezoidal, horseshoe, steel support and rock bolt designs). 2D stress state and stress transformation practices by using technical drawing and Mohr Circles. Drawings of special support systems for tunnels and galleries driven in poor rock conditions. Mining royalty field and maps, drill holes pointing by using cartesian coordinate system. Drawings of 2D and 3D mine production methods, ventilation network design in mines.

Course Coordinator
Hakan Tunçdemir
Course Language
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