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MAD 322 - Design of Supports in Mines and Tunnels

Course Description

Course description
What are the main principles for designing rock support systems. Determination of loads affecting on support systems. Engineering characteristics of mine timber and their design principles. Wooden gallery and face support systems . Engineering characteristics of steel and the design of rigid, articulated and yielding arches. Steel longwall support systems (Hydraulic power supports, self-advancing powered supports). Roof bolts and their design principles (slot and wedge bolts, resin bolts, concrete bolts, split set and swellex). Engineering characteristics of concrete and its use as a mine support (design of shotcreting, shaft lining etc.). Backfill and design principles (pneumatic, hydraulic). Support systems in tunnels and subways. Design of supports using rock classifications systems.
Learning objectives
The intent of this course is to enhance the students’ ability to represent problems as systems and thus ultimately become more effective problem-solvers.

Course Language
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