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MAD 351E - Rock Mechanics

Course Objectives

improvement of abilities tofind out solutions faced with engineering problems being excavated in rock.

Course Description

The course helps students to build up good operational skills of the basic concepts and primary principles of rock mechanics as applied to designing and stabilizing excavations performed in rock masses.

Rock mechanics is a branch of mechanics of a wide variety of geo-science and engineering disciplines; the major ones being mining, civil, geology, geophysics, and petroleum. It could also be of interest to the engineering disciplines that supply equipment and material to mining and construction industry. Course is structured for mining engineering students to understand the basic principles of Rock Mechanics. The course also introduces the applications of these principles to design structures in rock masses.
The course is divided some major sections. The first three sections analyze some of the basic and theoretical concepts of solid mechanics including stress, strain, and linear elasticity. The remainder sections start with a chapter on mechanical properties of rocks. The failure modes of rocks in compression, shear, and tension are discussed in these chapters. The associated laboratory classes should get better your familiarity about how rocks react to loading and the failure criteria for rocks. Then engineering description of rock masses and methods of rock mass classification systems are handled. Stresses around underground openings and structures consisting room and pillar stability concept are examined.

Course Coordinator
Hakan Tunçdemir
Course Language
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