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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Endüstriyel Hammaddeler
English Industrial Materials
Course Code
JEO 412 Credit Lecture
Semester 8
2 1 - 2
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Demet Yıldırım
Course Objectives Course is designed for students of the geology department. It is aimed to introduce the students basic geological, mineralogical, physical, and chemical characteristics of plastic, ceramic, fertilizer, glass, energy sources and refractory materials, abrasives, and filling and pigments.
Course Description Course topics: The formation of industrial raw material deposits.
Types of deposition and their evaluations.
General concepts.
The physical, chemical, and mineralogical properties.
The main usage fields and sectors.
The quality characteristics of demand in uses.
Annual productions.
World trade.
Market conditions and price.
Course Outcomes Students who pass this course will be able to get geological, mineralogical, physical and chemical characteristics, uses, major type of deposits in Turkey and World, markets, recycling, health and safety conditions, and substitutes of industrial raw materials including antimony, asbestos, atapulgite and sepiolite, beryllium minerals, bauxite, borate minerals, bromine, barite, bentonite, iron oxides, diatomite, nitrogen compounds, diamond, feldspar minerals, phosphate rocks, graphite, garnet, iodine, carbonate rocks, sulfur, manganese, olivine, fluorite, kaolin, chromite, gypsum and anhydrite, corundum and emery, rare-earth minerals, perlite, pumice, silica and silica-based compounds, sodium sulfate, magnesium compounds, mica, pyrophyllite, nepheline syenite, celestite, sillimanite minerals, talc, titanium minerals, wollastonite, zirconium minerals, potassium minerals, soda ash, and staurolite.
Required Facilities
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