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PET 342E - Reservoir Engineering I

Course Objectives

The main objective is to furnish students with the basic concepts, equations, analysis methods used for evaluation and quantitative analysis of the nature and behavior of subsurface hydrocarbon reserves. Other objectives are to 1) develop students' ability in solving reservoir engineering problems by analytical thinking and reasoning, while applying the integrated knowledge of physics, mathematics, geo-sciences and engineering sciences,
2) develop students' ability in taking the basic reservoir management decisions in the presence of uncertainty, lack of information, and economic considerations,
3) guide students to work in teams and discuss the reservoir engineering problems for exploring the most appropriate solutions through versatile and creative thinking.

Course Description

The course introduces the classifications and drive mechanisms of hydrocarbon (oil and gas) reservoirs and the basic methods for estimating the reserves. The type and source of data required for calculating the initial oil and gas in place is emphasized. Application of rock and fluid properties and geology is also introduced for student to better visualize the volumetric behavior of subsurface reservoirs. Derivation and modification of generalized MBE (Material Balance Equation) for reservoirs of various drive mechanisms is presented. Water influx theory and models are explained in detail.

Course Coordinator
Ömer İnanç Türeyen
Course Language
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