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JEF 425E - Engineering Geophysics

Course Objectives

Geophysical engineerin problems are first introduced to the students. We introduce, each week a case engineering problem to the students, and we develop with students the methodology fot the solution. Students are provided the raw geophysical measurements, the site descriptions and geology etc., and are required to solve the engineering problem and submit a final project report.

Course Description

1. Teach students how to handle and approcah the engineering problems.
2. İmprove the indepth understanding of the earthscience problems, and the utility of the geophysical methods.
3. Correct interpretation of geophysical data, and eliminating nonuniqueness in geophysical models based on accurate field observations and geological evidence.
4. Teach students to prepare and submit calculations, models ands results in an tightly designed final report.

Course Coordinator
Mustafa Emin Demirbağ
Course Language
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