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MAD 361 - Ore Deposits

Course Objectives

1. To give information about general terms and classification of ore deposits
2. to tell about forming conditions of different type ores.
3. To provide how to make a connection of other sciences with ore deposits

Course Description

Definition of ore, ore deposit, grade, reserve. Classifıcation of ore deposits. Plate tectonics and ore deposits. Ortomagmatic deposits. Pegmatitic deposits. Pneumatolitic deposits. Pyrometasomatic deposits. Hydrothermal deposits. Carbonatitic deposits. Volcanogenic deposits. Metamorphism related deposits. Lateritic deposits. Oxidation and cementation zones deposits. Placer deposits. Sedimentary deposits. Various examples from Turkey and the world. Resolution of typical problems concerning position, grade and reserve of ore deposits

Course Coordinator
Mustafa Kumral
Course Language
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