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PET 322E - Drilling Laboratory

Course Objectives

1 - To inform about the primary functions of the drilling fluid,
2 - To inform about the test procedures used to determine whether the drilling fluid has suitable properties for performing primary functions of the drilling fluid,
3 - To inform about the common additives used to obtain the desirable properties UNder various well conditions,
4 - To inform about the main factors governing the selection of drilling fluids,
5 - To give an ability to write the technical report.

Course Description

Drilling optimization; guidelines and assumptions, and optimum drilling program. Drilling fluids; functions, selections, types, planning, and field-tested properties. Diagnostic tests; detection potential problems and identifying their causes. Pilot tests; alternative mud treatment. Clay chemistry; drilling clays, hydration mechanism, physical properties, effect of sodium chloride, and pH. Water-base muds; low-solids nondispersed muds, dispersed muds, formulation, maintenance, chemical additives, chemical removal of contaminants, filtration-density-solids control. Inhibitive water-base muds; calcium treated muds, lignosulfonate treated muds, high salinity muds, formulation, maintenance, and treatment. Oil muds; formulation, additives, maintenance, and treatment. Cement slurry design.

Course Coordinator
Mustafa Hakan Özyurtkan
Course Language
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