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MAD 354E - Mineral Processing II

Course Objectives

1. Concepts of physical separation, importance of enrichment, principles and importance of physical
separation, physical properties of minerals and their effects for separation
2. Design of base enrichment flow sheet, evaluation of experiment’s results, methods and equipment
in mineral processing
3. Design of process flow sheet

Course Description

Definition and importance of physical separation in mineral processing, purpose of application and
application area, physical properties of minerals for separation, enrichment methods and method selection,
base enrichment flow sheet, evaluation of enrichment results, particle liberation, enrichment by size
classification, enrichment by sorting, behavior of particle in fluid medium, importance of gravity
separation, heavy dense separation methods, jigging separation, laminar flow separation and centrifuge
separators, magnetic separation, electrostatic separation

Course Coordinator
Fırat Burat
Course Language
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