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ILT 101E - Technical Writing and Presentation

Course Objectives

1. To have students to comprehend the importance and techniques of effective written and verbal communications in engineering.
2. To tansfer convenances in preparing outline, table, and figures, in writing and referring at references, in applying required formats, and in constructing efficient expressions.
3. tTo have students conduct technical writing and presentation practices, including the writing of résumé (or CV) and job application cover letter, while utilizing pertinent computer software.

Course Description

Importance of effective writing and speech in engineering communications. Classification of written engineering documents. Engineered structuring of technical writing and presentation. Engineering approach for table and figure preparation. Convenances for writing scientific and technical documents, such as graduation design project, thesis, report, paper, article. Types and format for writing résumé (or CV) and job application cover letter. Tips for effective utilization of word processor and slide preparation computer software. Writing and presentation practices.

Course Coordinator
İbrahim Metin Mıhçakan
Course Language
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