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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Maden Arama
English Mining Exploration
Course Code
JEO 338E Credit Lecture
Semester 6
3 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Emin Çiftçi
Emin Çiftçi
Course Objectives Relationship between plate tectonic with ore deposits origin. Reserve and grade concepts. Ore textures and structure relationship with paragenesis. Systematic sampling for research, ore exploration techniques. Defining drilling location, and hole logging. Lithology-ore relationship. Importance of alteration and anomaly in ore exploration. Modern methods in ore exploration.
Course Description Summary knowledge about ore deposits, definition and meaning of ore prospection, definition of influence area, grade, density and reserve. Subsurface geological prospection, sampling, measure, mapping, approaches to ore, laboratory operation, prospection of radioactive and luminescant minerals, placer prospection, underground prospection, geophysical prospection, drill samples, logging. Mining exploitation and mining geology, mining economy, problems and solutions.
Course Outcomes 1 – Ability to interpret ore deposits’ origin and deposition mechanism.
2 – Interpretation of clues in the field that leads to ore deposits.
3 – Managing and guiding an ore exploration Project. Ability to define drilling location.
4 – Interpreting ore textures.
5 – Regocnition the lithology-ore relation
6 – The use of Computer and satellite.
Pre-requisite(s) NONE
Required Facilities NONE
Textbook Moon, C.J., Whateley, M.K.G., Evans, A.M., 2006. Introduction to Mineral Exploration, 481 pages, Blackwell Publishing; 2nd edition, ISBN-10: 1405113170
Other References • Roberts, R.G. and Shean, P.A. Ore Deposit Models. Geocsience Canada Reprint Series, 3. Ontario
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• Taylor, R., 2009. Ore textures: Recognition and interpretation. 1st edition, pp. 288, Springer, Berlin.
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