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JEF 451E - Gravity& Magnetic Prospecting

Course Objectives

1. To provide the physical properties of gravity and magnetic potential fields,
2. To provide using of the equipments and measuring of the gravity and magnetic potential fields,
3. To give an ability knowledge of data processing,
4. To give an ability knowledge of evaluation and interpretation of data.

Course Description

GRAVITY PROSPECTING: Principles of Garvity, Newton's Law of gravitation, gravitational potential, potential field equations-gravity field of the Earth, geo-potential, geoid, spheroid, international gravity formulas - methods used in measuring absolute value of gravity- measurements of gravity difference (gravimeters), measurement of gravity on Land, at sea and in the air, reductions and corrections applied to measured gravity values-types of gravity anomalies met in practice- methods and techniques used in seperation of regional and residual anomalies on gravity and magnetic maps: design of numerical filters, filtering in space and wave-number domains, methods of analiytical continution, horizontal and vertical derivatives-estimation of total anomolous mass - gravity anomaly formulas of the bodies having different geometric forms - interpretation of gavity anomalies by the method of characterestic curves.
MAGNETIC PROSPECTING: Physical basis of the method, dipol field and its properties-field operations, instruments used in field operations magnetic affects of various model bodies in the presence of Earth's magnetic field, interpretation of magnetic anomalies by the method of characteristic curves- calculation of magnetic anomalies of random shaped bodies using Talwani's method.

Course Language
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