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PET 331 - Drilling ENgineering I

Course Objectives

The course provides the students with the basic principles, concepts and models used in drilling
engineering to solve problems encountered in a well being drilled. The important concepts are
developed from fundamental scientific principles and illustrated with examples. The level of
engineering science gradually advances as one proceeds through the course. Main systems of
drilling processes and operational procedures are provided. Drilling cost equations and analysis
to make recommendations such as drilling fluid treatment, pump operation, and bit selection are

Course Description

To introduce the student rotary drilling equipment and operational procedures, drilling cost
evaluation, functions of drilling fluids, cemens, cement placement techniques, and cement job
design, drilling hydraulics, drilling bits; selection, evaluation, factors affecting bit wear and
drilling speed, bit optimization, casing and various types of casing strings, directional drilling

Course Coordinator
Mustafa Hakan Özyurtkan
Course Language
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