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JEO 323E - Geochemistry- CRN: 11626

Course Objectives

1. To provide a comprehensive introduction to geochemistry and familiarize students with the basic geochemical principles those are relevant to the study of Earth science.
2. To gain an understanding of geochemistry by using basic geochemical principles to explain, interpret and predict common processes in Earth sciences.
3. To recognize how an understanding of basic geochemical concepts can increase our understanding of the Earth system.

Course Description

Earth science is a dynamic and diverse discipline concerned with describing, explaining and predicting processes both within and between the lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere. At its base are fundamental chemical, physical, biological and geological concepts and theories, expressed in both a qualitative and quantitative manner. Within this discipline, JEO421E focuses on how chemistry and geology are combined and how the result of this combination can be used to understand the Earth and how it works. A series of interactive lectures provide a comprehensive introduction to geochemistry and some interesting questions to think about while problem-based practical sessions allow developing, exploring, understanding and application of geochemical principles to common processes in Earth sciences.
The material covered will include: Geochemical fundamentals (crystal chemistry-principles and rules for atomic substitution); cosmochemistry (composition of universe - sun, planets and meteorites), radiogenic isotopes and Earth differentiation (composition and evolution of Earth and its reservoirs - core, mantle, crust, hydrosphere, biosphere, atmosphere); crustal geochemistry; Earth surface geochemistry; hydrothermal geochemistry; stable isotopes fundamentals; Major and trace element behaviour in magmatic processes-melting and crystallization models; Products of magmatic processes-volcanics and granitoids; Geochemistry in sedimentary and metamorphic processes.

Course Coordinator
Murat Budakoğlu
Course Language
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