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JEO 131E - Intr.to Geological Engineering

Course Objectives

1. to introduce geological engineering to new coming students
2. to present general ideas about true industrial applications of geological engineering
3. to provide informations about organizations and companies which geological engineers will work for
4. to provide general information about lab instruments and lab applications that will be used during geological engineering education
5. to present the relations of geological engineering with other academic disiplines

Course Description

Description of geological engineering, occupational areas of geological engineering, subdivisions of geology and relations with other engineering fields, occurrence of the earth, concepts of minerals and rocks, earth raw materials use for the benefit of human, metallic and non-metallic ores, energy resources, engineering geology and geotechnique, environmental geology, known and potential subsurface resources of Turkey, applications of geological engineering in Turkey and in the world, the importance of geological engineering in the future.

Course Coordinator
Emin Çiftçi
Course Language
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