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PET 428E - Simulating of Geosystems

Course Objectives

1. Acquaint the students with general knowledge in numerical simulation, widely used tool in industry,
2. Develop students’ ability to apply integrated knowledge of math, basic
sciences including geosciences to
the solution of problems related to fluid/heat flow in reservoir and reservoir performance predictions
3. Provide students with information needed on numerical analysis methods to improve their quantitative
in solving reservoir engineering problems of geosystems,
4. Develop students’ ability to write their own computer simulators and use available computer software
for simulation of geosystems,
5. Promote teamwork among students with assigning group projects

Course Description

Simulation in general (incentives for simulation, planning a simulation study). Equations for mass/heat flowin permeable/porous
media. Modeling concepts (finite differences, 1D, 2D and 3D mass/heat flowdomains). Selecting reservoir-rock and fluid-
properties data. Selecting grid block and time steps. Placement
of wells in gridblocks. History matching and
predicting future performance of geosystems by numerical
simulation. Applications of simulation to oil and gas reservoirs as well as geothermal reservoirs.

Course Coordinator
Mustafa Onur
Course Language
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