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JEO 332E - Petrology

Course Objectives

1. To teach the basic concepts of mantle petrology and petrogenesis of igneous rocks
2. To teach magma crystallization and evolution of oceanic and continental crusts
3. To teach occurrence, mineral assemblages and plate tectonic relations of metamorphic facies.

Course Description

Structure, texture, and mineralogy of igneous rocks, chemistry and classification of igneous rock, crystallization and phase diagrams, phase relations of melting/fractional crystallization, mantle petrology, basalt petrogenesis, volcanic arc magmatism, granite petrology, metamorphism and metamorphic facies,P-T-t Evolution and metamorphic phase equilibria, phase equilibria and metamorphic reactions, metamorphism of clastic sedimentary rocks, metamorphism of calcareous rocks, metamorphism of mafic and ultramafic rocks.

Course Coordinator
Ömer Işık Ece
Course Language
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