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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 Week1: Crystallography, symmetry definition, symmetry elements
Week 2: Projection in crystallography, fixing of angle and zone laws and information about 7 crystal class
Week 3: Interior order in crystallography, space groups, isometric structure, polymorphism, pseudomorphism and mineraloids
Week 4: Mineral definition, history of mineralogy, mineral chemistry
Week 5: Physical characteristics in minerals
Week 6: Chemical features of mineral, bonding; types and features
Week 7: Chemical and geochemical tests and interpretations of these tests.
Mid-term exam
Week 9: Introduction to petrography, history and rock cycle
Week 10: Composition and structure of the Earth, magma, evolution of the magma, physical and chemical properties of magma crystallization and differentiation of magma
Week 11: Classification of the magmatic rocks: mineralogical-chemical-textural classifications
Week 12: Magma rock groups; petrographic features of gabbro-basalt, diorite-andesite, monzonite-latite family
Week 13: Granite-rhyolite, syenite-trachyte, ophiolite series and related rocks
Week 14: Introduction to metamorphism, metamorphic facieses and general features of the different kind of metamorphic rocks
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