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JEF 423E - Environmental Geophysics

Course Objectives

This 6th semester introductory course will introduce the students the basics of the environmental problems with the special emphasis on the mass transport in porous media. The students will be required to
develop simple mass transport models in an effort help them gain knowledge on how the plume will spread given the the effect of the physical characteristics of the porous media and also the physical
propertied of the pollutant.

Course Description

1.Teach the student the importance of the groundwater resourcesand the necessity of their protections.
2.Teach the students the mass-transport models, have them gain ability on developing simple mass-transport models at an introductory level.
3.Teach the students the utility of the geophysical methods for the groundwater related problems.

Course Coordinator
Mustafa Emin Demirbağ
Course Language
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