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JEO 222E - Geomechanics

Course Objectives

1. Mechanical behaviour and properties of rock and soil forming the earth crust
2. Failure and deformation processes in earth materials.

Course Description

Physical and Mechanical Properties of Rock Materials and Rock Mass Classification for Geotechnical Purposes. Preliminary Stress State and Origin of Natural stress in Earth Crust. Modes of Deformation and Failure in Earth Crust. Effects of Environment Condition on Deformation and Failure Mechanism. Index Properties of Rock and Soil. Explanation of Over-consolidation and Cementation Processes. Time Dependent Behavior. Anisotropy in Fractured Rock. Geotechnical Measurement and Monitoring Systems. Laboratory and In-situ Tests on Rock and Soil.

Course Coordinator
Emin Çiftçi
Course Language
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