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PET 336E - Well Completions

Course Objectives

1. To introduce the well construction techniques and required equipment to bring a drilled hole into producing condition, to have students select the most proper construction technique;
2. To introduce the techniques of workover, maintenance, and repair in a producing well, as well as the equipment required for such operations;
3. To have students gain ability to select and design techniques for increasing well productivity.

Course Description

Well completion and workover methods. Formation damage. Casing / tubing landing and pipe buckling. Perforation. Hydraulic fracturing design essentials, fracturing fluids and proppants, analysis of fracturing pressure and fracture productivity. Acidizing design essentials, acid-rock interactions. Acid-fracturing. Squeeze cementing. Sand control.

Course Coordinator
İbrahim Metin Mıhçakan
Course Language
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