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ITB 203 - Sociology

Course Objectives

1. To introduce students with major theoretical foundations of sociology;
2. To help students develop competency in major interest areas of sociology at an introductory level;
3. To construct foundations for developing students? ability to deal with social phenomenon and problems from a sociological perspective;
4. To develop their ability to comparative analysis of national and global issues.

Course Description

In this course, students are introduced with the discipline of sociology in relation to the formation of modernity. It examines some of the fundamental topics of sociology such as social transformation and inequality, poverty, ethnicity, gender, class, globalization, states, nationalism, citizenship and identities. It offers a particular focus on social transformation and problems in Turkey. The Turkish case was taken into consideration on the issues of neoliberal economy, urbanization, political identities, citizenship and ethnicity.

Course Coordinator
Özge Atalay Çelik
Course Language
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