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KIM 311 - Physical Chemistry I

Course Objectives

1. This course will build on the fundamentals taught in KIM 252 which is a prerequisite. The fundamentals will be applied to the single component systems as a function of temperature and pressure; the phase changes such as vapourization, fusion, sublimation and allotropies in one component systems.
2. The concepts of ideal, regular, and non-regular solutions; the applications of these solution models; qualitative and quantitative investigations of binary phase diagrams and distinguish between different types of phase diagrams.
3.The aim of the course is to teach chemists how to use thermodynamics to solve problems and its application to chemically significant process.

Course Description

Properties of Gibbs Free Energy, Chemical Potential, Phase Diagrams and PhaseTransitions, Solution thermodynamics, Partial molar quantities, Gibbs Duhem equation, Ideal and nonideal solutions, Reaction equilibria in solution

Course Coordinator
Candan Erbil
Course Language
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