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KIM 432E - Organic Structure Analysis

Course Objectives

1. Knowledge of the basic spectroscopic methods in organic structural determination.
2. Interpreting and predicting spectral data

Course Description

Short introduction to organic structure analysis. Elemental analysis.
UV Spectroscopy: Chromophore and auxochrome groups, electronic transitions,
several examples from conjugated olefins, carbonyl compounds and aromatics.
IR Spectroscopy: Bond vibrational levels and functional groups, vibrational
modes, CH, OH and NH bands, bands of major sp andsp2hybridized functions,
C-O and C-N bands.
Mass Spectrometry: Fragmentation patterns of molecules, effect of isotopes,
determination of the molecular mass.
NMR Spectroscopy: Nuclear spin and classification of nuclei, behavior in
external magnetic field, basic concepts, chemical shift and its reasons,
effect of alkyl groups, multiple bonds and magnetic anisotropy, spin-spin
coupling and J values, long-range couplings, 1H and 13C NMR and examples
for various chemical shifts and coupling constants.

Course Coordinator
Özkan Sezer
Course Language
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