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ITB 202 - World History

Course Objectives

To analyze the similarities and differences between states and societies that shaped world history between 7th and 20th centuries
To analyze the rise and fall of these states and societies in a comparative manner.
To analyze the cultural, technological and economic interactions between different societies and civilizations and to compare their creativities in coping with problems and crises
To re-evaluate the emergence of modern societies in the light of civilizational backgrounds.

Course Description

This course provides a cross-cultural overview of world history from the beginning of 7th century until the modern times. The course proceeds chronologically, but has the objective of exploring crucial themes of human activity from a global perspective. The course traces the diversity of human civilizations in terms of their historical, cultural, political and economic formation with an emphasis on their interactions, similarities and differences. The ultimate aim of the course is to reflect on the concept of historical change and its connotations for the present day.

Course Coordinator
Ebubekir Ceylan
Course Language
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