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MAT 141 - Linear Algebra I

Course Objectives

1.To teach matrix algebra and system of linear equations.2.To teach how to solve a system of linear equations.3.To teach invertible matrices, inverse of a matrices, the properties of the determinant function..4.To teach vector spaces, subspaces, span of a set, linear independency of a set, basis, thecoordinates of a vector, and the dimension

Course Description

Systems of linear equations and matrices; matrix algebra, special types of matrices, elementaryrow and column operations, echelon form, elementary matrices, inverses, equivalent matrices.Solutions of systems of linear equations. Determinants; properties of determinants, cofactor andadjointof a matrix, derivation of inverse matrix, Cramer's rule. Vector Spaces; definition of vectorspaces, subspaces, linear independence, bases and dimension, coordinates, change of basis andisomorphisms, rank of a matrix.

Course Coordinator
Ayşe Peker
Course Language
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