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HYM 505E - Advanced Alloy and Surface Coating Technologies

Course Objectives

1. To understand the role of surface coating and surface modification technologies in obtaining required surface characteristics of a product;
2. To introduce different surface coating technologies
3. To learn selection criteria of a surface coating technology;
4. To provide a sound understanding of the structural changes in metals and alloys;
5. To introduce technical applications of modern alloys.

Course Description

Introduction to surface coating; CVD Coating; Physical vapor deposition; Electro chemical deposition; Surface coating by wetting; Thermal spray process; Anti-corrosion coating; Vacuum technology for deposition of coating; Characterization of coating; Advanced technology of surface coating and layering and allloying; Wear resistant coatings; Advanced nonferrous and ferrous metal production; Welding metallurgy; Application of modern alloys; Principles and process parameters controlling the yield of coating; Criteria for selection of a surface coating technology.

Course Coordinator
Emre Koyuncu
Course Language
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