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HYM 509E - Advanced Polymer and Composites for Aerospace Structures

Course Objectives

1. To be able to explain what impact synthesis and chemical structure has on polymer material properties & selection for application; To learn glass transition and mechanical properties of polymers;
2. To learn properties of thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers and nanocomposites;
3. To provide with an in-depth theoretical understanding and practical knowledge of advanced composite materials; To introduce the composites used for aerospace applications;
4. To introduce the composite manufacturing methods used for the aerospace materials;
5. To learn the chemistry, cure methods, fabrication methods, mechanical properties, thermal properties and environmental degradation for each type of composites.

Course Description

Introduction to polymer science: polymerization, chain thermosets and thermoplastics, amorphous and crystalline structures, mechanical properties (modulus, strength, brittle-ductile behavior, DMA), Introduction to processing of polymers; Mechanical properties - modulus, strength, yield, fracture, brittle ductile behavior, DMA, secondary relaxations, composites; Introduction to processing - injection molding operation window, extruder-diagram, thermal conduction, fiber processing and properties; Mechanics of composites; Constituents of polymer composite materials; Composites design and manufacturing; Composites product development.

Course Coordinator
Hülya Cebeci
Course Language
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