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FIZ 446E - Particle Physics

Course Objectives

1-) To search the fundamental constituents of matter and the interactions between them
2-) Understanding of Elementary Particle Dynamics and Relativistic kinematics
3-) Learning of the concenpt of Symmetry and the relation between the symmetries and the physics laws
4-) Calculations of Life times and cross sections of the elementary particles
5-) Introduction to Quantum Electrodynamics(QED), Weak Interactions and Quantum Chromodynamics(QCD) (Introduction to Standard Model)

Course Description

This course is aimed to give an introduction to the particle physics. After a review of particle physics history, the particle dynamics using relativistic kinematics, symmetries in particle physics, calculation of life times, cross sections and the Feynman diagrams, Dirac Equation, Quantum Electrodynamics(QED), Quantum Chromodynamics(QCD), Weak Interactions and Standard Model will be examined.

Course Coordinator
Kerem Cankoçak
Course Language
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