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KIM 326E - Introduction to Biochemistry

Course Objectives

Introduction to basic concepts of biochemistry and development of biochemistry perspective for chemistry
2. Understanding of the roles and structural features of biomolecules such as protein, enzyme, DNA and RNA, which are fundamental for the basic functions of a cell.
3. Understanding the fundamental events for cells such as transcription, translation and glucose catabolism

Course Description

This course explores the roles of essential biological molecules such as amino acids, nucleotides, vitamins and so forth. Subsequently, the course targets investigating macro structures formed of basic biological molecules. Students will examine the structure of proteins and nucleic acids in association with their function, their binding to other molecules. In addition, numerous cellular events linked to nucleic acids will be covered in detail. Also, the course aims giving insight to metabolism. Accordingly, principles of carbohydrate metabolism are examined from thermodynamic and regulatory perspectives.

Course Coordinator
Onur Alptürk
Course Language
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