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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 Introduction to the Middle East: The Land and the Peoples
Methodological Problems in Studying the Middle East
The Ottoman Rule and Legacy in the Arab Lands.
Western Influence and the beginning of the modern era in the Middle East
Transformation of the Muslim identity into national identities: Ottomanism, Islamism, and Turkism.
The creation of the modern state system in the Middle East: Fall of the Ottoman Empire, Arab nationalism.
New Order in the Middle East After the World War II: Nation-States and Hegemonic Powers
Egypt: Pan-Arabism and territorial nationalism.
Syria and Iraq: Baath Party and the advent of the civil war.
Iran: From monarchy to Revolution
Israel and Palestine: One land two religions and peoples
Turkey: A secular state in a Muslim country and Modern Society.
The Arab Spring: Promise and Failure
The Middle East in the 21st century: Continuities and ruptures
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