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HYM 503E - Structural Analysis I

Course Objectives

• Apply the basic elasticity equations for engineering problems
• Obtain the solutions for 2-D linear elasticity problems
• Apply energy and variational principles for the determination of deflections in one dimensional structural elements;
• Determine internal loads in one dimensional structural elements;
• Model simple aerospace structural components using engineering theories;
• Apply the finite element method in the stress analysis of aerospace structural components;
• Develop insights into buckling phenomena of aerospace thin-walled structures

Course Description

Principles of structural analysis; Cartesian tensors; Analysis of stress; Kinematics; Constitutive equations; Equations of linear elasticity; 2-D elasticity problems and solutions; Failure criteria; Structural elements and models; 1-D structural elements; 2-D structural elements; Weighted residual methods; Energy and Variational methods; Applications of finite element method in aerospace structures.

Course Coordinator
Zahit Mecitoğlu
Zahit Mecitoğlu
Course Language
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