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ITB 325 - Engineer with social intelligence

Course Objectives

1. To improve social abilities of engineers,
2. To improve communication abilities of engineers,
3. To improve abilities of self-understanding of engineers,
4. To teach know yourself and know others to improve work performance,
5. To understand emotional intelligence of her/himself as an engineer,
6. If engineers understand people around her/himself, then she/he will understand the level of work performance.

Course Description

This lecture aims to improve emotional intelligence and social communication abilities. To give general knowledge about: emotional intelligence, Neuroscience, Orginality and Selfconfidence, Interaction between persons, Judicial and learning mentality, Emotions, Optimum balance model, Johari window, Transactional analysis, Assumption ladder, Total analysis.

Course Coordinator
Şebnem Helvacıoğlu
Course Language
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