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KIM 312 - physical chemistry

Course Objectives

1.To provide the concepts of kinetic theory of gases, Maxwell velocity distribution, number of collisions, mean free path.
2.To provide Reaction rate, fundamental reactions, complex reactions. Reaction mechanism, Reaction order. Radical reactions, branched and unbranched chain reactions, Rate theories, Collision Theory, Activated complex theory concepts.
3. To provide Liquid phase reactions, diffusion controlled reactions, fast reactions, polymerization. Acidbase catalysis. Enzyme catalysis concepts.
4.To provide Photochemistry, fluorescence phosphorescence, quenching, photochemical reactions concepts.

Course Description

Kinetic theory of gases, Maxwell velocity distribution, Mean free path, Number of collisions, Collisions with a wall, Effusion, Transport properties, Diffusion, Viscosity, Flow rate of liquids.
Gas phase reactions, Reaction rate, Fundamental reactions, Complex reactions, Reaction mechanism, Reaction order, Radical reactions, Chain reactions, Rate theories, Collision Theory, Activated complex theory.
Liquid phase reactions, Diffusion controlled reactions, Fast reactions, Polymerization, Enzyme catalysed reactions.
Photochemistry, Fluorescence, Phosphorescence, Quenching, Photochemical reactions.
Adsorption, Langmuir, Freundlich, BET isothers

Course Coordinator
Bahire Filiz Şenkal
Course Language
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