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KIM 332E - Electrochemistry

Course Objectives

1.Fundamental aspects of Electrochemistry
2.Applications of Electrochemistry

Course Description

Introduction to Electrochemistry, history, conductivity; weak and strong electrolytes, Kohlraus, Onsager, Arrhenius, Oswald Laws, Debye Huckel Law; activity, activity coefficient, ionic strength, Junction potential, half-cell potential, Electrode types, Cell diagrams, Galvanic Cells; Spontaneity, Nernst equation, EMF measurements; the difference between the Galvanic and electrolytic cells, Keq(equilibrium constant), Ksp(the solubility product constant), pH of a solution, activity coefficient, obtaining enthalpy and entropy of a cell from temperature coefficient of a cell, Electrolytic cell, Faraday law, Transfer numbers, Overpotential, Potentiometric titration, Conductometric titration, Voltammetry, Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS), Electrochemical synthesis and characterization of electroactive polymers, Corrosion, Fuel cell, Solar cell, Electrochemical sensors, Battery, Capacitor.

Course Coordinator
Belkıs Ustamehmetoğlu
Course Language
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